Quality approach

Ensuring traceability and guaranteeing organic origin

We are unceasingly improving our quality system.

  • Checking and tracing each product: purchase, supply, reception, storage, preparation and shipping of raw materials thanks to the implementation of this traceability system.
  • Product receipt with a batch number and a Shelf Life/Expiration Date given by our suppliers.
  • Traceability of all our products from our suppliers to our customers. Ascending and descending traceability is therefore ensured within our company.
  • Traceability tests are regularly carried out.
  • Ensuring that organic certifications are respected. Each organic supplier provides us with a certificate.
  • We ask for and check our suppliers’ organic certificates every year.

Taking action and enforcing health and safety rules

  • We meet the HACCP method requirements- a method to manage food hygiene and safety procedures.
  • Revised every 2 years unless there is a major change in the company.
  • Our HACCP study complies with the rules in force and in particular with the Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 (hygiene section).
  • To date, the study has not revealed any CCP (Critical Control Point) in our company.
  • A monthly internal audit is set up to monitor the compliance with hygiene, quality and safety rules within our company. Our suppliers are also committed to applying this method within their own structures.

Guaranteeing organic